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    FAQ Thread-Read Before Posting *Updated 27th Sept

    It was high time that this thread was completely updated, so here we go.
    First of all, make sure that before you ask any questions here, try googling any queries, to make sure that there isn't an easily-solvable solution already there. If that fails, check here, then if you still don't find your answer, post your question.

    So, here we go:

    Forum Help

    Where do I find the rules?
    The rules can be found here, or at the top of every forum.

    What is BBCode?
    BBCode is used to format and add content in your posts. Check out Chris' tutorial here

    Where can I report rulebreaks?
    You can report rulebreaks to the staff here. Make sure that you post the details, such as which rule is broken and a link to the thread, otherwise staff cannot deal with the problem. An alternative option is to click this button: in the corner of any post, which will allow you to report the post if it breaks a rule, which will notify the moderators so that they can deal with it.

    How do I post an image or link?
    If you are posting an image, upload it to an image hosting website such as http://www.imageshack.us or http://www.**********.com, copy the image's DIRECT LINK, and use this code:
    [img]*PICTURE LINK*[/img]
    To post a link, copy the link location, and use this code to insert it into your post:
    Although a lot of links will still work if you simply copy and paste the link into your post.

    Where can I find the DarkDemon Collabs?
    The DarkDemon Collabs can be found here:
    You can also find a list of other finished collabs from the forum here

    What is bumping?
    Bumping is basically when somebody posts something in a thread more than 7 days after the last post. For a better idea, look here (Credits to Cwoke for the image)

    What are the post ranks?
    A current list of the post ranks can be found here

    Where can I find a good hosting site?
    You can find a list of good sites for hosting animations and images here

    What is V.I.P and DD Pimp?
    V.I.P is an upgrade given to members who pay money for it. For more information on what they can do, and how to recieve V.I.P, go here.
    DD Pimp is a similar upgrade, with much the same permissions as V.I.P, but they are also given a 50MB file hosting account. DD Pimp is only available to buy at selected times.

    A Staff Member has been harassing me for *reason*
    In the unlikely case of this happening, report it immediately to Adam / Darkdemon, the webmaster. He'll help you accordingly. This also applies to harrassment from regular members, although this can be reported to any member of staff.


    Where do I get Pivot?
    There are two main versions of Pivot available for download:
    Pivot 2.2.5 (Most widely used)
    Pivot 3 Beta (Direct Link)

    How do I save and post animations?
    A detailed tutorial on doing this, and also making your thread look nice is here. (Thanks to Plan B)

    Where do I find sticks for my animations?
    The easiest place is found right here. An entire database of sticks.

    I am having troubles with the tutorials.. can I get some direct help?
    Yes, you may. It's called a "mentor" or "tutor". The thread to request one is located right here


    What do I export my animation as? So many choices!
    Most Flash animators export their animations as .swf.
    Remember to put "Jpeg Quality -> 100"

    How do I get sound files for my animations?
    Go to http://www.soundsnap.com/ to download some. Then import to your program and add them to the timeline.

    I need a good Tutorial, flash is hard!
    HamandCheese's flash tut can be found here.

    What is a Layer?
    A Layer is something used to separate certain images from others. For example:
    If you have a huge castle, a person, and a sword, you would:
    Put the castle in the bottom layer, so it would be a background.
    Put the person in the middle layer, so he's on top of the background.
    Then put the sword in the top layer, so it looks as though the person is holding it.
    -Layers are also in Pivot, but they are put as "Front" and "Back" and people usually use creative ways to get the layers to how they want-

    I want to show off my beautiful animations
    http://www.trportfolio.net/upload/ is the place to go, everyone can see it and it's the most simple uploader out there. There is a list of other hosting sites here.

    When I play my animation with Music, it won't stop D:
    Right Click the Music and click Properties, then set it to Stream.

    My Flash is constantly Crashing. It happens whenever I move the Toolbar!
    Don't touch the toolbar then. Dark Emperor has the exact same problem and has instead memorized the most important Shortcuts:
    Brush: B
    Line Tool: N

    I hate how long it takes to load. I have to wait 5+ minutes!
    Go in to Task Manager and click "Processes". Then right click the "Flash" process and open the drop-down menu "Set Priority". Then click "AboveNormal". It speeds Flash up immensely. Be careful, if your computer sucks too much it could cause System Instability

    How do you make the flash animation be in a box, and instantly pop up and start playing when you go onto a thread?
    Two Ways
    1.) Export as a .gif
    2.) You can put the first frame to "play" and the last frame to "goto (frame 1)" and then it'll automatically play and loop at high quality, no .gif rape. Export as .swf

    Where can I find the DD Preloader?
    You can find the official DD preloader to add to your animations here.

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    Re: FAQ Thread-Read Before Posting (NEW) [In progress]

    When posting computer related problems, please do the following; it saves us having to ask and can mean your question gets answered quickly.

    1. Tell us when the problem begun.[/*:m:2aau71p0]
    2. Tell us when the problem occurs.[/*:m:2aau71p0]
    3. Give us your DxDiag.txt file. ( read below on how to get this )[/*:m:2aau71p0]

    Getting your DxDiag.txt file.

    DxDiag is a program that displays all of your system information, such as drivers installed, operating system, processor, graphics card and amount of ram. It can help when we try to solve the question you're asking.

    Windows XP users:

    Click start.
    Click Run.
    Type "dxdiag.exe".
    Press enter / click run.
    A window like this should pop up:

    Click "Save all information" and save it to somewhere like your desktop.

    Now, using a file uploader, upload and link us to your .txt file. ( Myfiles' members, you can use your hosting to upload .txt files )

    An easy to use site to upload the file is http://www.filefactory.com , but use anything you want.

    Vista users:

    Click start.
    Type "dxdiag" in the search bar.
    Press enter.
    Then follow the same steps for saving as said above.


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