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    How do i convert a Pivot into a Flash?

    I've been wondering how to convert my pivot into a flash so i can make it not 'Quality Smashed' from Windows Movie Maker... I have Macromedia Flash 8, But i'm still not sure.
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    Re: How do i convert a Pivot into a Flash?

    Probably the easiest way to go about doing this would be too save the animation as multiple images (using the dropdown menu, like when saving a .gif), in pivot 2 selecting 'Multiple images' and saving it into a folder.
    Then, you'd open up flash and choose File>Import>Import to stage (or import to library, depends on what you want to do first). Select the first image of the ones you saved, and it'll ask you if you want to import the entire sequence. Click yes, and it should hopefully work.

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    Re: How do i convert a Pivot into a Flash?

    Yeah Niall answered it for you, but for some reason the quality screws up when I do that even though the files were bitmaps.
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