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Thread: Joining a clan?

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    Joining a clan?

    I'm thinking about joining a clan.
    But the thing is, what do you actually have to do in a clan?

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    Re: Joining a clan?

    Nothing, nothing, and more nothing.

    They always fill up with noobs and fail after a week.

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    Re: Joining a clan?

    Correct Answer: Well it depends what the Clan Leader wants you to do in their clan. If they want you to make an animation for a collaboration they're doing, which is what they usually do, then you do exacty that. There are also other members in a clan, which you can joint with and such. Also, if your clan has a rival clan, you can PivotWar againts them, in other words your clan makes animations and goes againts the rival clans animations. And ofcourse you can leave a clan you joined if you want to.

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    Re: Joining a clan?

    My clan lasted for 2-3 weeks man. Like sharp says. It depends on the leader. Fill a code and apply for a slot. It doesn't really matter what clan you join... They're all the same. Practically.
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