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    Collab Question :P

    I have a collab running on YouTube, but no ones joining. I wuz wondering if it was possible to promote it from DarkDemon? Please reply. Thanks!
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    Re: Collab Question :P

    Not until you have 200 posts, I think you're allowed to start a collab, just stay active, contribute to the community and you'll have 200 posts soon enough.

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    Re: Collab Question :P

    No, there will be no promoting your Youtube collaboration here on Darkdemon. Even if you have 200 posts. Though, you can make your own Darkdemon collab and organize it here instead. Our members enjoy being in collaborations and enjoy the fun of animating with fellow animators.

    But please, do not just make a thread just linking to your youtube collaboration, it's a waste of time and I'd lock/bin it immediately.
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