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Thread: Need advice

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    Need advice

    so, my birthday's coming, and i want to buy VIP, but, my mom has seen me on the computer for too much. She's already screaming at me for using the computer too much. And if i buy VIP for a site, she might hate me. And my birthday is on the month school starts. Should i buy VIP???? or should i wait for Christmas or next year or something??????

    answer please...........
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    Re: Need advice

    You should not buy VIP. Buying VIP is just optional for DD.
    It doesn't make you popular and you can only access one forum the VIP Chat. Just wait for Christmas cause on your birthday you should buy something else like an Ipod, a camera, or any other gadgets. Or you could buy a novel book when you have spare time or when you are bored you can read it. Just an opinion.
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    Re: Need advice

    It entirely depends if your seeking more from the forum than it currently offers. VIP is very popular.

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    Re: Need advice

    VIP chat has barely any rules and is filled with threads that get derailed instantly, so yeah I'm sure you'd like it.
    Mind you, you won't get compensated with anything else, the wrist band and button promotions are over.

    If you think donating money to DD is worth the cause too, then go for it.


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