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Thread: Please help...

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    Please help...

    Now, this is a big problem for me... I Cannot play GIFS... Help me ANYONE!

    EDIT: sorry Sapphire i meant play gif's... Will you ever forgive meh? Lolz

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    Re: Please help...

    If you have uploaded the gif to another site and have the direct URL to it, all you have to do is press the button above the text box that is labeled 'Img'. Pressing that will bring up some tags like this:


    Paste the URL to the image inbetween those tags, and you'll have an image.

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    Re: Please help...

    As far as gif goes, all you need to do is upload the gif onto a hosting site; such as tinypic.com, and take the url and put it in between [img]tinypic.com/image[/img] here


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