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    Some music questions

    Ok so here's the deal I wanna record a song and I need some things:

    1- A good audio editing program if possible that it's able of making the quality better I'd love you forever.

    2- A good recording program last time I tried recording with Movie maker's recording thing it sounded awful

    And now the following question is a pretty important one:

    Can anyone play the drums for the song I want to record? warning though they are insane and you need a lot of skill to play them if your interested in the challenge PM and I'll send you the guitar pro tab (sorry I don't have it in other place).

    thanks in advance.
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    Re: Some music questions

    I think i good recording program is in accessories under sound recorder it is alright it really depends on the microphone

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    Re: Some music questions

    You can't really make sound quality better. There's a program called Clean that can remove white noise, crackles and stuff like that. If you want better quality get a good mic. And do what the guy above me said, I think it records in lossless quality.


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