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    How do i add a Signature?

    I can't find out how to add a signature, it must be easy, and im being stupid... Can someone tell me how to add a sig?
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    Re: How do i add a Signature?

    Considering you have better grammar than most of this forum, I doubt you're stupid.

    Click "User Control Panel" at the top of the page, then go to "Profile", and finally "Edit Signature".

    Welcome to DD, also.

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    Re: How do i add a Signature?

    Yeah, pretty much what Epyks said. If you want to add a certain image onto your signature, use this:
    [img]*Link of pic goes here*[/img]
    If it looks too big, use the 'tn' button. This let's you put in how big you want your sig, in terms of pixels. 800 being the maximum/biggest, although having big signatures are against the rules, so if you DO need to use it, your best bet is probably around 400 and below.

    Also, @Epyks: Are you going to lock this, or wait if he/she has anymore questions?

    Wait, of course.

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