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    How to take away some non needed joints.

    How do i take away non needed joints, so i only have like one red dot?

    like this.

    so i don't have all those red dots?

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    Re: How to take away some non needed joints.

    Click on the joint you don't want to be there when you animate it, go to the left side panel, click the button above the delete button to change it to static/dynamic. Static makes it gray and won't show up when animating, dynamic shows up black and will appear when animating.
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    Re: How to take away some non needed joints.

    If you're talking about in the actual stage of the animation, then you just make the segment static by pressing the second-to-last button on the left. In the StickFigure Builder, getting rid of the red dots so you can't see them, there's no way, you just have to deal with it.
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    Re: How to take away some non needed joints.

    Yeah Cyborg got it, click the joint you want and turn it static then when you add it to pivot it wont have loads of joints.


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