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    Windows vista wont play video on avi files.

    So yeah it just started happening, all videos play is audio no video.

    Before you reply :

    Im on windows vista basic
    I have windows media payer 11
    i have gom player
    i have vlc player
    i have divx player
    I have auto GK
    i have K-LITE
    i have nvidia geforce graphics + updated drivers.
    ive tried google, All sites lead to dead topics and false info.
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    Re: Windows vista wont play video on avi files.

    Basicly your computer is fucked up. Try using Window Media PLayer Classic. Or take it to a shop nearby
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    Re: Windows vista wont play video on avi files.

    Would be strange, but maybe when you downloaded Divx, you didn't install the avi codec. Because there's no reason it shouldn't work if you have Divx on your computer.


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