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    Help with my thread

    Dont know if i posted this in the wrong place but..
    -How do i put animations into my thread so they actually play in my thread
    -also when i update my thread why does it not appear at top of list again
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    Re: Help with my thread

    You'd probably want this in the Help Center.

    With your first question, you need to, firstly, save your animations as .gif files (there is a tutorial on how to do this in the tutorial section). Once you have done this, find a site like imageshack or something along those lines and upload the file. Copy and paste the link they give you into your thread. Once the link is in your thread, click the button that says 'Img'. Make sure the link is in between the two things in brackets. Hopefully, this does the trick.

    To answer your second question, what do you mean that it does not appear at the top of the list again? If you mean that you've edited your post and don't see it go to the top of the section, it means that you havn't actually 'bumped' it up. You need to make a post in your thread saying that you've made an update. If this isn't what you're having a problem with, let me know.

    Hopefully I've answered your questions

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    Re: Help with my thread

    *Moved to help center.

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    Re: Help with my thread

    To show your animations playing in your thread, simply copy and past the animation link and put it inbetween the [img] code:

    [img]animation link goes here[/img]
    If you want your thread on the top of the list, simply edit it with your new updated animation and post a reply saying you have "updated" or "bumped".

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    Re: Help with my thread

    okay first save your animation as a .gif To know how to save correctly view.

    Okay so after you have done that open up a new tab, and type in Pivot up, imageshack, ********** or whatever else hosts .gifs.

    Go into recent, and scroll to the bottom or search it, click open then upload highlight the code, come back here past the code highlight the code then click img. If you want it to display in the middle of the page then highlight the whole thing again including the .img part, and click center.
    Hope you followed that.
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