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    The Official Resize Thread

    Post All pictures that need resizing for avatars or signatures here.

    1. Pictures cannot contain offensive content.
    2. Specify the dimensions you want it to be resized to.
    3. The picture may need to be cropped to get your desired dimensions. Please tell if do not want the picture cropped.
    4. If you want a crop (Cutting out a certain part of the picture) Specify which part clearly.

    I only take JPEG's, MPEG's, and PNG. Sorry, no .gif's. Some exceptions will be made.
    Hi! =)

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    Re: The Official Resize Thread

    Sorry, but is there a specific skill that you need to resize an image?

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    Re: The Official Resize Thread

    This is surprisingly useless. You can easily do it on GIMP. If it were .gifs, then this thread would be worth something. This should be in the requests section anyways.
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