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Thread: Animated GIF

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    Animated GIF

    Hey guys
    I want to post my animations here. So I'm saving them as .piv, then .GIF, yadda yadda yadda, and the framerate gets slowed waaay down... In the .piv I have the framerate turned up to 18 but in the .GIF it's 16... How do I change this?

    Here's exactly how I'm saving the file:
    1.Create an animation, turn up the framerate to 18, and save as example.piv
    2.Save the animation as example.GIF
    3.Then I watch it and it's still at 16

    That's my thread ->http://darkdemon.org/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=70412 Please give comments and I will courtesy. =)

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    Re: Animated GIF

    What settings are you saving the .gif at? Make sure frame delay is set to 6 and you uncheck merge (it sometimes merges double, triple etc frames).

    Dunno if you do that already, it's kind of a routine question :P

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    Re: Animated GIF

    Do niall's settings, but also, the gif will slow down depending on what program you're using to view it. Gifs appear much slower in internet explorer than in firefox, for example.

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    Re: Animated GIF

    First, use these settings

    Frame Delay: 6
    Shrink frames by 1/2

    Deselect Merge and Pallete

    Nest, If viewed in windows fax viewer, The animation will be slowed down, so use pivotup to host the file. Hope this helped


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