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    The DD Dictionary

    These are common terms used by many people all over the web (not just DD) that confuse a lot of people.

    Internet Terms:
    Lolwut: Something is funny, but the person doesn't understand it.
    Mai: My.
    Guise: Guys/ people. Also spelled "Guize"
    Pedobear: A 4chan Meme. Don't mention 4chan Memes, as users will be dealt with harshly.
    Lawl: "Laugh out loud" (Lawlz, Lawls, Lul)
    .piv: a pivot animation
    .gif: a (usually) animated image
    .bmp: a bitmap picture
    .JPEG: a J-peg picture, of lower quality than a .bmp
    .stk: a pivot stick figure file
    .wav: a wav sound

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    Re: The DD Dictionary

    I really have to say this

    Why the hell did you post this?

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    Re: The DD Dictionary

    i thought it would help some people. harshness not necessary

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    Re: The DD Dictionary

    While the attempt is noted, it's largely unnecessary. A list of terms for the internet would have to be incredibly long, thorough, comprehensive, and, for a lot of it, very self-explanatory.

    As such, we've elected to not maintain a large thread with the words and their definitions. Same applies to file extensions.

    So, thanks for the effort, but it's really not needed. I'll be locking this now so you don't get any more "Why" comments.
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