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Thread: Ranks??

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    Ranks?? No, not beginner, intermediate, etc.! But I mean like Helper, Global Moderator, MyFile's Member, and Rank Team. How do you get those ranks?

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    Re: Ranks??

    VIP and MyFile's have to be purchased, or someone may give you a redeem code if they have one. But don't go around begging for them though. That's very annoying. As for staff positions, you must be a respected, mature member and if other staff members, mainly Adam, think you're trustworthy enough, you will be invited to be a part of the staff or Rank Team.

    E: Also, moved to Help Centre.
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    Re: Ranks??

    Myfiles Member and VIP can be bought at certain times. Helper, Moderator etc. are given out to members who have shown that they are trustworthy and would make a good staff member. Admin is given to the most trustowrthy etc. people. Few get Admin.

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    Re: Ranks??

    VIP - No relation to the staff. Not chosen by Adam as "Very Important People". They don't have a higher position than you.
    VIPs are members who bought VIP status while the sale was on. They spent up to $12 (American) in exchange for:
    • The ability to change their rank text and rank bar.[/*:m:37x5xrei]
    • Access to another section.[/*:m:37x5xrei]
    • A purple name.[/*:m:37x5xrei]

    You may achieve this buy buying VIP now for $10 ($8?) as Adam is selling it again. This promotion doesn't come around too often, so if you want VIP then you'd best get it quick.
    You do not need to be a respectable member to attain VIP status.

    Myfiles - No relation to the staff. Not chosen by Adam. They are also referred to as "DD Pimps".
    To attain this status, Adam must be selling it. Much like VIP, this is for a random amount of cash around $10 but this time, allows you to host up to 300mb of any files that do not break copyright laws. It also grants you a pink name. You do not need to be a respectable member to attain this status, you need only to purchase it. This promotion comes around even less often than VIP.

    Rank Team - the sub-staff. They aren't actually part of the team, but they help in the animation sections.
    You may get this rank by giving good critique on animations. You don't necessarily need to show any potential of moderating a forum. If you give great tips on animating to many people and show to Darkdemon that you are also reliable, then you can achieve this rank.

    Forum Helper - Part of the staff. They have powers in half the forum. But they are still to be treated with the same amount of respect as any member of the staff.
    You may get this rank by showing a great amount of reliability, and you have to stand out in helping people. If you show that you are intelligent, respectful and can retain information then you could be eligible for a position as a Forum Helper. Posting in the help section a lot (and actually helping) can help make you stand out, and showing obvious signs that you can be trusted also helps.

    Global Moderator - Part of the staff. They have powers throughout the entire forum,
    You may get this rank by being a respectful Forum Helper and showing signs that you would be useful in a higher position. You must show that you know how to deal with members (as you are now allowed to warn them) and that you can be trusted with the ability to delete any topic in the forum. By settling disputes and assisting members in reaching agreements, you may be eligible to be promoted to an admin.

    Administrator - Part of the staff. They are the top people of the forum, having the ability to do anything (including access to the site's code)
    An Administrator is the most trusted person of the forum. They have the ability to do anything with it, and cannot show signs of mistrust. An Administrator should be very trustworthy, and should be highly respected. You can achieve this rank by being a Global Moderator that stands out and shows great signs of loyalty to the forum, along with a good amount of intelligence.
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