Okay, so today, my Dad and I went to go deposit the check I got for Christmas from them after taking my permit test (I passed btw >_>).

Now, you would think that since my dad has been working and adding cash into the checking account and all, that everything would be fine and dandy and I could get on with my life; so I filled out my deposit slip and about a few minutes later, wouldn't you know it, they said we had insufficient funds in our account even though, my dad just put in cash from his paycheck, mind you. We told them about it, and they checked the computer, and wouldn't you know it, and here's where I need help on clearing up some terminology, the account has been frozen by a domestic hold.

Now, I've tried google searching it, nothing. So, my question is, what is a domestic hold and how does it come about, etc. so we can get this issue resolved? I would prefer someone with a bit of knowledge telling me instead of people trying to raise their post count with pointless shit.