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Thread: Webcam Software

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    Webcam Software

    Hello DD.

    I need some FREE, easy to use webcam software, that is able to take pictures.

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    Re: Webcam Software

    I don't know of any webcam software for taking pictures, but if you're looking to take pictures with a webcam, take screenshots and crop. That's what I do.

    Of course, you could be looking for something else..

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    Re: Webcam Software

    Your webcam should have came with a disc that had software already on it.

    Manycam is good for certain occasions but to be honest, you probably won't find anything good that is free because it'll probably do one thing right and the quality will probably be horrible or you'll have a watermark on it.

    I can personally say, if you are willing to dish out some cash, get Camtasia or Sony Vegas because they have webcam features on it which are really good, plus there are 30-Day trials for each software, and what not.
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    Re: Webcam Software


    Thanks guys.

    Lock now.

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    Re: Webcam Software

    Just before you go downloading 400+mb files in an attempt for "just" some webcam software, try hitting some of the smaller applications. Here are some free programs that should do the basics.

    It'll take pictures, among other things.
    http://www.myfreewares.com/software-140 ... nload.html

    This nifty piece of software will suit any video-capturing needs of yours.
    http://download.cnet.com/Webcam-Video-C ... 71720.html

    "Webcam Timershot" will allow you to take photos at specified intervals. It's an official Microsoft powertool for XP.
    http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/Down ... rtoys.mspx

    A website designed to suit your webcam needs. It does a lot :/

    Any of these choices are free, and as far as I know they don't contain watermarks.
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