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Thread: What is...

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    What is...

    What does Gif rape mean? I hear it alot here in Darkdemon and Youtube.
    And What does 'Rust break' or 'Rust Free' mean too?
    Thread soon...

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    Re: What is...

    Gif rape is when the gif has different colors than the original pivot file.
    It also sometimes effects the placement of things, but on a miniscule level.

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    Re: What is...

    Gif rape is a term used to describe the poor quality of the gif compared to the piv file. Although it mainly happens to detailed animations.


    As you can see the piv file is very detailed. However, if you save it as a gif using pivots saving method you get this;

    As you can see, the colours and detail have all disappeared in the gif.

    As for 'Rust Break' or 'Rust free', those are terms used by animators who have not animated in some time, and aren't animating up to their usual standards. Although most people around here tend to call them 'Lazy' instead.

    I hope that helped.
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