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    iPod Touch music time help

    Okay, so, I went to put album art on some music, but when I did it somehow changed the length of the song. Example: I play a song thats 8 minutes long, but it says it's only 2 minutes long, it doesn't cut the song off at 2 minutes, but continues to play the song, just with 0 seconds left. It's extremely annoying to me. Any help?

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    Re: iPod Touch music time help

    That's happened to me before. Just re-download the song(s.)
    Unless you bought it off iTunes...
    If it's from a CD you own, just burn it back to the computer.

    You can also:
    1. Right Click Song
      Click "Get Info"
      Click the "options" tab
      Change the ending time of the song.


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