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    Computer Failure Twice!!

    Alright so my computer started slowing down so much at startup, that there was no way to do anything. I waited a whole day for it to load up one thing.

    So I did system recovery and a week later the same thing happened. Now I've done system recovery and I talked to some guy and he suggests that we format the hard drive, but before we do that back up all the files (personal files like family pics and other stuff) on an external hardrive. We also bought a new laptop, the one I'm using now because my dad needed it for his work also.

    So we have so furniture setting changes and we loose the computer wires for like 3 months. Now I've finally found then and got the computer hooked up again.

    I also have a external hardrive from Toshiba and it has built in back up software.

    My question is that how should I do that back up after two system recoveries, and will formatting the hardrive solve the problem?

    The computer is an HP Pavillion a1547c from 2006 running XP media edition.
    1 GB Ram
    250 GB HD
    AMD Athlon 64 Processor 4000+ with Enhanced Virus Protection

    Just some specs from the front of the computer.

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    Re: Computer Failure Twice!!

    Formatting the harddrive will wipe everything, so even if it doesn't fix it it'll still tell you whether it's a hardware problem or not.

    Other than that, I'm not really the guy to ask, sorry.
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    Re: Computer Failure Twice!!

    Have you tried defragmenting the hard disc?
    what is homo love?

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    Re: Computer Failure Twice!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Hazzystan
    Have you tried defragmenting the hard disc?
    *recommended by me*

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    Re: Computer Failure Twice!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Hazzystan
    Have you tried defragmenting the hard disc?
    To be honest, unless you have gazzilions of TMP files, then Defragging does jack shit. I recommend backing up your files, and Re-formatting your computer.
    Make sure you have all the drivers and XP ready with you!! You will need to COMPLETELY rebuild it! From scratch!
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