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    Add iPod songs without deleting old library?

    A friend of mine gave me his iPod saying that a friend of his had added songs to it without wiping his library (songs that weren't in his library...they were from a completely different computer) and then he made the mistake of syncing it back with his library which deleted all the new songs, he wants me to figure out if I can do the same thing.

    My theory right now would be to use iDump to dump all the songs from the iPod into a special folder, then create a new music library in iTunes that includes those songs AND all of mine, then re-sync it. (note: he isn't concerned about not being able to sync it again without loosing the music, he's just gonna keep it as is without syncing it again)

    Is there another, easier way? Is my way flawed? Any and all help is appreciated

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    Re: Add iPod songs without deleting old library?

    Diskaid, I use Diskaid to drag all of my old songs off if I really need to and I just drag them onto my desktop and add the new songs with the old songs.
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