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    Some Flash help needed

    Hey everyone, just had a little problem I need some help on, I've always tried to correctly do FBF smoke in flash but can never get it right, in order for us to continue in the New York series I need to learn how to do FBF smoke. If any of the advanced flashers would like to offer some advice that would be helful.

    P.S. i did already look at the help center Ham and Cheese flash tut, but I need help from a more advanced situation.

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    Re: Some Flash help needed

    I don't quite get what you mean? You mean you want to redraw your smoke every time? That's quite a waste of time. Anyway it's easy, just draw your smoke and then animate it how you would any other smoke.

    I think either Darky or Ipwnall that did a nice flash showing off some smoke techniques, wait for them to post or drop them a PM.


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