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    I has a Pivot problem...

    Ok, so for a while I had Pivot 3 beta, a couple of weeks back, many people told me that I had thw wrong Pivot... that I should download the other one... so today I did, but as I was saving it, it saved OVER Pivot 3 beta... so I could not open any of my sticks or animations as they were are all in Pivot beta 3...

    So I redownloaded Pivot beta 3 and un-installed but now when I try to open an animation ther eisn't that nice little picture of the film roll (I hope you know what I mean) or the little stick icon next to a stick name.

    And, I cannot open anyone elses animations or Sticks without it going "What would you like to open this file with" i click Pivot and it goes apeshit saying "YOU CANNOT OPEN THIS FILE WITH THIS PROGRAM, PICK ANOTHER FUCKTARD"

    So I am wondering... how do I fix this and be able to access other people pivots and sticks?


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    Re: I has a Pivot problem...

    Completely un-install pivot. and pivot 3. Re-install pivot from this link.


    Then try it again.

    Just get any Pivot 3, it doesn't matter.

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    Re: I has a Pivot problem...

    It really doesn't matter what version of pivot you use, just use one that fits your liking.

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    Re: I has a Pivot problem...

    yeah but pivot 3 beta is better (in my opinion) because many people on darkdemon and droidz use it for their stks and animations, and you cannot open pivot 3-made animations or sticks in pivot 2 or 1.

    Also, any pivot that has a button that says "Add Stick" under the dropdown for sticks, or anything that has a default stick figure that has no upper body joints (the skinny one, in pivot 1 and 2) is not pivot 3.

    The only pivot 3 that has the pivot 1 and 2 default is the ddmod pivot.

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    Re: I has a Pivot problem...

    Make Pivot 3 the default program.

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