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    Video Card! Calling all computer people!

    [center:2q2hmgfh]Ok, so i've got a really bad computer it's like 5-6 years old


    and it can't play games for shit and i really want to get a new video card[/center:2q2hmgfh]

    [center:2q2hmgfh]Now here's what i need to know:
    - What type of video card should i get ( PCI, PCI express, or AGP )
    - What specific video card should i get to play new releases - http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Video-Ca...d=abcat0507002
    -If it's even worth it to get a video card
    - Or if i have this all wrong and a video card is not what i need to run games well[/center:2q2hmgfh]

    [center:2q2hmgfh]I SHOULD REMIND YOU, I DONT KNOW SHIT ABOUT COMPUTERS[/center:2q2hmgfh]

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    Re: Video Card! Calling all computer people!

    DXDiag, need complete specs of your PC, including RAM, Processor and Motherboard.

    Chances are if your PC is old, a new GFX card wont just "let" you play new games.

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    Re: Video Card! Calling all computer people!

    ^If you don't know how to, go to start, run... and then type in dxdiag. Take a screen-shot, switch to the display tab and take a screen-shot of it as well. Also, your motherboard's specs won't appear there, so you need to find the box where it came.


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