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    How do I delete posts?

    How do I delete posts? I can't figure it out.

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    Re: How do I delete posts?

    You can't. You're not a mod.

    But if you want to delete your own posts, you have delete them stright after you post them, using the little X icon next to the Quote and Edit buttons.

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    Re: How do I delete posts?

    Specifically you can only delete your own posts if nobody has posted after you. Same thing goes for topics, if nobody else has posted after you, it's possible to delete it.

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    Re: How do I delete posts?

    However, you can't delete your posts in certain areas such as General Talk or Web / Development.
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    Re: How do I delete posts?

    If you wish to delete an older post, and you have good reason for its deletion, then you may contact a staff member to do so.

    Good answer, Niall.
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