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Thread: Teehee

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    Another Virus-related question

    Ive recently switched from Avira free AntiVir to AVG free antvirus..

    Programs I am using:
    -AVG free antivirus
    -Malwarebytes' anti-malware (the scans are too long, about 1-3 hours long, not exactly my cup of tea).

    I was also wondering about maybe getting 'Ad-aware' and 'Spybot S&D'..but worried about the colliding matter, Ive heard running two or more antivirus related softwares/programs will cause the main antivirus (AVG) to not work and not pick any viruses up anymore..Im not sure if its true..

    I also want to know, are these the right sights? I found the first Spybot S&D mirror, well, abit dodgey looking, and the others, idk :/

    The first mirror, directs you to here:
    http://fileforum.betanews.com/detail/Sp ... 43809773/1

    And ad-aware site:

    I found that looked pretty legit, but the problem being all these programs would surely collide, If so, Im sure AVG will work either with Malwarebytes' or Spybot S&D, so if it comes down to uninstalling/deleting malwarebytes for SB S&D, then so be it.
    (If Spybot is better)

    Yeah just worried about the colliding fact, thanks in advance

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    Re: Teehee

    Switch back to Avira, I have no idea what was going through your mind when you decided to swap it for AVG.

    Use avira - Spybot S&D - Ad-Aware.

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    Re: Teehee

    I use Avira+MalwareBytes..MalwareBytes scans about 300 gigs worth of stuff in around 15 minutes for me. And Avira finds most, if not all of the stuff on your computer the first time around. Other programs like MalwareBytes, Spybot etc catch some things antiviruses don't pick up.

    You really can't go wrong with Skype's combo either. Though I just prefer mb+Avira.


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