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    How do I make an animation thread?

    How do I make an animation thread? Plan B's tutorial didn't help me.

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    Re: How do I make an animation thread?

    Post a thread in one of the beginner's section. And post your animations in it. As simple as that. Unless you meant, how to upload an animation. :P

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    Re: How do I make an animation thread?

    Here, this thread could prove pretty useful for you. Also..next time you have a question or need help, post in the appropriate section. The Help/Suggestion Centre is near the bottom of the page.


    Read that ^ and you should be good to go. Be sure to check out the forum rules, too.

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    Re: How do I make an animation thread?

    Make a thread just like you did here, but in the beginnershall/freestyle section, then upload some animations on www.pivotup.com as a GIF and post it in the newly made thread.

    Also, moved to HelpCenter * further questions should be posted there.


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