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    How to give codes to someone else?

    I won the DD best beginner competition and I should have a Myfiles code and VIP code. Err... I didn't get a PM with the codes, or does it not work that way? Anyhow, I am giving away the codes to two people that I have decided on. Staffs?

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    Re: How to give codes to someone else?

    Chimaera said he'll send you the codes in a while. Also, if you want to give out the codes just PM the person(s) the code and they can redeem it.

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    Re: How to give codes to someone else?

    You'd have to wait until the codes are PM'd to you, and then you can PM the codes to whoever you've selected so they can redeem it.

    Congrats, btw.

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    Re: How to give codes to someone else?

    As the rest said, wait until you receive them via pm, and send them to whoever you want, using the same method.


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