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    ipod won't sync...

    i updated a playlist on itunes and tried to sync my ipod...this is what the status bar says, "syncing" then it says "backing up ipod", and it just stays like that with the little progress bar all the way to the left. What do i do?
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    Re: ipod won't sync...

    Try to update your iTunes. If that doesn't work, just restore your iPod. Then if you restored it, just put everything back on your iPod.
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    Re: ipod won't sync...

    Make sure to back up your stuff if you are restoring, a great program for that is DiskAid.
    Other than that, CtrlAltDestroy got it pretty spot on because I had to do this before and I did what he mentioned and it worked for me, but then again though, could be a completely different problem.
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