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    How do I fix Gif Rape with flash?

    I have Flash, and Pivot. I'm working on pivot right now, because I'm not that great. Anyway, I have a problem with Gif. Rape, and I heard somewhere that you can fix it with Flash. Can someone tell me how?

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    Re: How do I fix Gif Rape with flash?

    Do you have any experience with flash?
    If so, you need to save your whole animation as separate images. Note the animaiton dimensions, and make a flash document with the same. Then you need to Import to Stage, and select the first separate image. When importing it, a box will appear asking you to import the whole string of images. Obviously, you click OK, and then you have you animation on the stage. I do not like the results of gif export, so you might aswell just save it as a .swf

    If you do not have any experience with flash, I can fix the gif rape in Photoshop, just send me the .piv.

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