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Thread: ummm help

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    ummm help

    umm im still knida new to dark demon (it takes me a long time to reconoiz the site , sorry for my bad english)
    its just that everyone tells me not to rush and take my time ,but im afriad if i dont make animations my thread will get lost in sero space , whut can i do?
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    Re: ummm help

    Everytime you make a new animation you are more than welcome to bump your thread with it. So just take your time with your animations, actually put some effort into them, and then if your thread is 'lost', find it and bump your thread. It's better than it always being at the top because you're throwing out shitty tests every five minutes. That's a general statement btw, not directed at you.

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    Re: ummm help

    Well you're only allowed to bump your thread if you've got a new animation, so if you really want to keep it up there I guess you could just comment on other peoples' animations and ask for courtesy more.

    Or just leave it to die until you have a new animation >_>


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