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Thread: iTouch Issue

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    iTouch Issue

    Recently the jack to my iTouch decide to fail on me.
    There is no way I can listen to my music anymore, except through the already built in speakers.
    Is it pointless to have music or should I delete all my songs and use the memory for applications and whatnot?

    Also I have took in consideration of blue-tooth headphones and 30 Pin.
    It doesn't interest me much.

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    Re: iTouch Issue

    Did you even bother to check if it's under warranty? A problem like that should be covered easily. Also no one else can really decide if you should just use it for applications.. It depends on how much you like music.
    I use my iPod touch for nothing but music, I have like 3 apps now. But I know people who have 100's of apps and 3 songs. It's really a self preference.

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    Re: iTouch Issue

    you should keep songs and applications.
    but you shouldn't do that if you don't have a 32 gb lol


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