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    Me being new here ,I have a quick question.

    You guys know Myfiles? Well I was wondering, how do I get acsess it the "Myfiles group" It's a question I've had for a while.
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    Re: Me being new here ,I have a quick question.

    Adam may post a code somewhere if he;s feeling generous. Or you can buy it when it becomes available.
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    Re: Me being new here ,I have a quick question.

    Adam opens the purchase of MyFiles sometimes. Or sometimes he posts a code.

    Either way, right now you're out of luck.

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    Re: Me being new here ,I have a quick question.

    Yep pretty much what Logan and Liam said. Adam sometimes gives out free codes, for instance he might give out 10 codes in vip chat, and the first 10 people to redeem those codes get Myfiles.
    So you either have to purchase it or get lucky and redeem one that Adam gave out.


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