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Thread: Crashes

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    I get crashes when I play a lot of games nowadays. It crashed constantly on games like: Mass Effect 2, Arkham Asylum, Overlord 2 and Bad Company 2. Thing is though; I can normally play through a good majority of the game before it crashes, but after it has done it just keeps happening. What happens is the screen freezes for a second or two, then my monitor goes black and tells me I have no video input. Sometimes I can hear the sound still, but sometimes it will glitch and just be really loud noises repeating. My computer is getting more than enough air (no casing, and has a giant fan on it), so I'm thinking it's a video card issue, and after looking around a bit I found this: http://www.techsupportforum.com/hardwar ... aming.html
    This guy seems to have had the exact same issue. I've never really even touched a PC before, so can anyone help me out here on how I'd use this guys solution? Can I just remove the heat sink and look for this stuff, or is there a certain way? And what is this grease stuff?

    halp etc

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    Re: Crashes

    If you've never done it before I wouldn't suggest doing such a thing, even with instructions. As disassembling the GPU fan, will probably get it damaged and even if it doesn't, the so called grease (It's thermal paste, helps with the cooling) won't be usable again (Supposing you want a working gpu in the long run) so you'll have to wipe it off, and apply a new layer. And I'm already guessing that you don't have any of it.

    Short version: If under warranty, take advantage of it. If not, then try to get a RL friend or some relative that knows his way with computers to help you.

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    Re: Crashes

    You got your PC from PCspecialist. It's under warranty for a year by default :P Give them a call and they'll sort it out for you.


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