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    Computer slows down

    I'm using a laptop, HP, dv6 pavilion blah blah blah
    Got it a year ago. Less than a year ago, actually. Uninstalled crap that HP always has, and it ran fine.
    Alright, so after a while, I installed a trial of Flash CS5. Was crap, so I uninstalled it.
    After that, every time I play a flash video, about 3 minutes into it, my CPU usage spikes up to 100% and all of my programs stop responding and I have to kill them all via Task Manager. After that, the CPU usage stays 100% and I have to restart.
    I uninstalled a crapload of programs, but for some reason now running even Photoshop starts slowing it down.
    I've defragged and all the usual, and scanned for viruses.

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    Re: Computer slows down

    I don't know a lot about this sort of thing, but maybe your CPU is being taken up by a build-up of background programs. Try eliminating the unwanted background processes that start automatically on startup, and it should free up some CPU. This might not be the main problem, but at least it will give you more free memory.
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    Re: Computer slows down

    I have the same problem. It's usually as hazzystan said. Background programs. For me it's things like Rocketdock, my antivirus, etc.
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