Model: RCA: RTD615i
I'm having troubles with this player.

The speaker system works. I can hear audio when I turn on the surround sound while playing a DVD. The video output is distorted so while I may hear the sound from the DVD, it'll often show random colours and a repeated image on the screen. The auxiliary audio input is also odd, every time I switch to it there is a loud buzzing coming from the speakers.

Edit: I tried plugging my Wii directly into the aux IN and it worked. Perfect quality sound. Would it be the cables in this case, that I'm just using faulty ones?
Hope so.

The motherboard has been abused a little, so the solution isn't easy to spot
The DVD player without its cover.
A profile of the motherboard.
The inside of the auxiliary input.
This is my best guess at where the problem lies. Are things missing here?

I would be extremely grateful to anyone who would be able to solve this problem. I know this is asking a lot from an animation forum, but I know there are some technologically inclined people here who know their shit. Thank you for even reading this far.