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Thread: Ground break

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    Ground break

    well I need some help hire whit my animation I need a ground break like in the some of the animations on youtube (like this one but hi sucks in animating : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1IKRR1mWck)
    And hire but I can't find one on droidz
    Can you plz plz plz help me I need it 4 this animation that I am making
    martykillerman was hire

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    Re: Ground break

    Checked in Droidz already? Buddy it's not that hard... using somebody else's effects sticks, rarely ends up with a good animation.

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    Re: Ground break

    It seems to me like you're requesting a .stk; that is supposed to be done here when you have 100 posts:


    Until then, you'll have to either try and make it yourself. You could possibly google a "transparent windows" application for your computer; it would make it possible for you to trace sticks.


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