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    Edit: Not a major issue - Predator

    I have recently gotten a new AC adaptor for the laptop I regularly use. The first time I used it said that it wasn't charging. After I turned off the computer for a bit with the charger plugged in, it charged the computer. When I kept it in after that, the battery life stays at 100% (as indicated). Sometimes, when I unplug it and replug in the adaptor, it would say that it's not charging. The AC adapter I use has a green light that flashes to indicate the AC adapter is receiving power. The light goes off yet the laptop is neither receiving nor losing power.

    Another thing I've noticed is that the light (beside the AC adapter jack) only turns on if the AC adapter is plugged in at a certain angle...

    I repeat: This is not happening all the time, it happens once in a while.

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    Re: "Plugged in, not charging"

    Are you sure it's on the correct voltage? When I got a universal charger you had to set the voltage yourself. Maybe that's causing you some problems.
    Obviously though you'd expect your computer to fuse or explode or something if that was the case, it's probably just a faulty charger. Maybe you should try returning it for a new one and see if that works.
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    Re: "Plugged in, not charging"

    That happened to me once. It only lasted about one month, then it fixed itself
    when I installed new updates and restarted my computer.

    Unless it's a first-priority problem, I'd recommend just waiting it out.
    Although I have no guarantee that it'll work..


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