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Thread: erm......HELP!

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    hi ..... im not that new here, iv posted a couple of animations in the portal.... but im a beginner... so is it possible that i can post it here some how??? plz help . . . .<_<

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    lol, okay first of all, to fix you signature problem, go to http://www.imageshack.com
    register there and then log in, after you do that upload the picture you want as your sig, and choose the [IMG code

    and to upload your animations you save them as .piv then save as .gif and then upload it to imageshack, and choose the direct link, because if you use the friends link then we will get some unwanted pop ups =D

    hope that helped )

    oh and to use a picture made in pivot, you must either take a screenshot of your computer screen while its playing, which is what I do, not as easy but so what =D
    or save it as a .gif and then choose the [IMG code and Copy and paste it into your signature, if you need more help and no one else replys you can PM me if you want )

    and this probably should've gone in the help center =D
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    I can't really say it better myself Fry

    I'll move this to help though.




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