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Thread: A suggestion

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    A suggestion

    This will either be an ok idea or a really bad idea, so forgive me if it's the latter.

    Once thing I noticed today as I was lurking the forums, is that there are certain posts that I really do like, but quoting and thanking/congratulating the author of the post would be irrelevant to the current topic of the thread. Because of that, I thought that perhaps implementing a 'like' feature, similar to the one found on Facebook, would be beneficial for such circumstances. Yes I could just message the author instead, but I think some public gratification would be a bit nicer.

    Granted, it would require quite a bit of effort on Adam's part, or whoever would take the responsibility of making a system that's non-intrusive and not easily abused. (If abuse was a problem, perhaps make it an 'unlockable' feature of the website, which users can only use if they have over 500 posts)

    Again I'm not sure if this is a reasonable suggestion or a really dense one. Thoughts/views?
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    Re: A suggestion

    It's been suggested before. I can't remember the reason it was denied. Adam doesn't use 3rd party mods on the forum and he doesn't have the time to create his own like code. However he did say he'd have more time soon so I'll leave this open and make sure he has a look.


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