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    Help with my cd-player thing.

    I'v actualy had this on my mind for some time.

    So i have the Micro hifi thingy above and it has this high pitch sound coming from it.
    Its coming from inside the box not the speakers and the only thing that stops it is unplugging it.

    [spoiler:3n8kdzv0]Long Name MM-DG25R
    Manufacturer Samsung
    Width in mm 230 mm
    Height in mm 251 mm
    Height of Front Speaker in mm 260
    Depth of Front Speaker in mm 170
    Home Theatre System (Digital Dolby and DVD Player) Yes
    Width of Front Speaker in mm 134
    Weight in kg 6.2
    RDS/EON with RDS/EON
    RMS Wattage 60
    Sound Projector No
    Wireless Speakers Wired Speakers
    DLNA certified No
    Dolby / DTS with Dolby Digital + DTS
    Depth in mm 154
    iPod Control No
    Firewire IEEE-1394 Interface No
    Ethernet No
    HDMI No
    Number of Output Channels 2 (Stereo)
    Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB) without Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB)
    Number of Discs 1
    Blu-ray Recording No
    DVD-RAM Recording No
    DVD+RW Recording No
    DVD-RW Recording No
    DVD+R Recording No
    DVD-R Recording No
    MP3 Encoding No
    Blu-ray Playback No
    DVD Audio Playback No
    MP3 Playback with MP3 Playback
    CD Player / Recorder CD Player
    DVD Player / Recorder with DVD Player
    W-LAN Connection No
    USB Interface Yes
    Progressive Scan Yes
    PMP Docking No
    PC Streaming No
    Number of Speakers 2 Speakers
    HD-DVD Playback No
    DivX Playback DivX Player
    1080p Upscaling No[/spoiler:3n8kdzv0]
    Thats all the crap i could find from it.

    With the box came the speakers and wires to them ,plus 2 aux wires for Tv connection.
    I think i will just learn to live with it.
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    Re: Help with my cd-player thing.

    It's pretty hard to diagnose a problem without knowing anything about the product.. Explain in detail what cords are coming out of it, what audio ports you have on your sound card, what came packaged with the system, etc, and maybe someone will be able to figure it out.


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