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Thread: help

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    omg stfu iTS A LION GET IN DA BASE!


    how do u post pivot ? i hav lots but have no were to put them wa_)(
    my animations
    my eztoon thread
    Quote Originally Posted by flameing wolf
    It's not worse than when I tried to burn the woods behind my house >_>

    ^^thnx to SM^^
    FW rules with a iron fist anddefault pwns your base

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    Error Code 409823
    save the pivot as a gif, upload it to imageshack.us or photobucket.com
    after that, you should get a link to the image.
    post the link to the image here and we review it!
    start in beginners hall.
    um, can a mod please move this to the help forum?
    SD - moved before you even finished posting, z0mg


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