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    staying up all night

    well ive stayed up for 7 days and never went to sleep in class or the other problems and i have massive headaches in class and my high matoblism kicks in when i haven't eaten anything so i sweat like a pig anyways i went to the doctor and he says i have no problems have anyone ever had this.

    i think im sick or my girlfriend was sick when i kissed her but i doubt it.

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    uh... did you tell your doctor if you pulled 7 all nighters in a row?
    Because if you don't sleep then it hits you, but not in the way you think it would.

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    Ya. Um. Don't. . . stay up for 7 days and stuff and it should clear up in a jiffy. . . erm. . .

    . . .another one of those "no comment" type threads


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