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Thread: sports & games

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    sports & games

    What type of camcorder should I buy for movies with friends and filming sports games? I am a fifteen year old boy who wants to get a camcorder. I need it to be definently under $400. The cheaper the better, but it does need to be quality. I will be using it for movies with friends, filming sports games (example: Ultimate Frisbee), etc.
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    Re: sports & games

    My friend has a Canon 7D, its awesome for filming shit.

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    Re: sports & games

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    Re: sports & games

    Quote Originally Posted by Blot
    My friend has a Canon 7D, its awesome for filming shit.
    Under $400. Most Canon cameras are extremely high priced. Where I would agree that they are some of the best cameras in my opinion for when it comes to quality and everything; they are just too expensive.

    Personally, any cell phone that can record 720p or 1080p with a camera would even work for what you want to do. Most have case-modifications that allow you to easily attach that phone to a professional or amateur tripod. If you have an iPhone 4/4S, use the back-facing camera for it. The quality might not be DSLR standards but the footage is still pretty damn good for a cell phone. As for an actual camera, just look into the different brands and do some research and see which is more bang-for-your-buck but will provide you with decent quality.
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