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    How the hell did this happen? i mean i cant save video because of this..
    So i cant upload videos..
    and that would be a problem for our.. DBP episode 6.. cuz.. you know also i has problem with gifs.. i dont understand the FPS delay layer thingy at GIMP.. just tell me what does a 16FPS converted in DELAYEDtime thingy.. or th 14FPS.. converted to delay time thingy..
    also wierd cuz i only have like
    like 3 items... inside and have 500+KB and the other one for 300+ kb.. and the GIG outside was 316GB.. I DONT KNOWW HOW BACK UP THINGY WORKSS!!! NOOO!!!! OMIGAWDD!!!! :

    please help me what do i do? and this actually bugs me alot.. lol

    also yeah the gif problems what i do is save it as SEPARATED JPG 100 percent size and 4 supersample(what does a suprsample do?) also 100quality then put it at GIMP then save it as a .gif.. which i dont know what is the DELAYED thingy was all about.. blah blah blah then in macro media flash i import it on stage then press > , < to move frames then right click on a frame make symbol add blur filter then voila then put some sound effect then save it as an AVI clear a little but i dont know why is it pixelated a little like pixel ALOT >:C or RAPES it then i put it at Windows movie maker done upload it.. now i can't save it cuz the blarghness of DRIVE D also the hell NO! i tried putting GIF on wmv skip the macro mediaflash when i save it as a movie file and upload it on youtube or even watch it.. it turns black.. I REALLY DONT KNOW HOW THE HELL??? XD so yeah.. in our laptop it works.. but man moving all the sticks again.. will be a damn hard time.. while making a project.. of DBAF collab and DBPepisode6.. so i really dont know.. what to do but still animate..


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    It'd be easier for us to help you if you actually explained your problem. We can't directly assumed what "this" is if you don't tell us.

    Also, please keep your posts easier to read. "NOOOO! OMG!!" doesn't make things exactly clear.


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