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    Game recording software

    Someone can link me to a game recording software that doesn't make FUCKING HUGE video files like Fraps or dxtory?
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    Re: Game recording software

    I have never used either software but surely you can edit output settings? I'd be surprised if you can't with such a renowned software like Fraps.

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    Re: Game recording software


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    Re: Game recording software

    Fraps is a good program.

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    Re: Game recording software

    Depending obviously of course on your computer's specifications, FRAPS is your only real viable option if you are looking for quality. I mean, you can easily dumb down the size of your recording by recording in half-size which will drop the quality of your recording significantly. I mean, if you are making videos for YouTube and all, why not just throw what you record on FRAPS into a program like Sony Vegas and just render it out in the video format that you want and then delete it? Not to mention, several games that have a console should have a feature that can make your quality a lot better since it takes snapshots of each second which you can then throw into a program like VirtualDUB and render it out then take it into an editing software like Vegas.

    Depending on what you are using FRAPS for, you could record basic things like low-end games with Camtasia; however, I wouldn't because the video could experience tremendous lag depending on your specifications.

    I'd just stick with FRAPS.
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