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    Headphones problem

    When i was normally on the internet, with my headphones on, my headphones had a problem, sound could only come out of one of the headphones's side. It happened randomly. Without me doing anything. What should i do?
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    Re: Headphones problem

    Could be a cable fracture, a bad plug, a dusty socket or a loose wire.

    1. cable fracture

    sometimes the wire inside the cable is fractured due to frequently bending. In this case you'll most likely hear noise in your headphones. Try stretching the cable and see if it makes a difference

    2. bad plug

    not plugged in deep enough or dented, in any case not able to make a good enough connection with the socket

    3. dusty socket

    when there is too much dust in the socket, the plug may not connect good enough. Blow in the socket hole or clean in with a cotton bud.

    4. loose wire

    Inside your headphones, there may be a wire that gotten loose of it's cicruit board. Repairable if you can solder with tin.
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