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    eBay Issue? Perhaps a Glitch?

    I recently bought a Japanese Nintendo 3DS Ice White off of eBay from someone. Here's the issue though with what I'm having difficulties understanding:

    I have both the iPhone app and use eBay on my laptop. That's not the problem. The problem is getting the product to show up on my laptop. I bought the item originally on my iPhone using the official application from the App Store and even set up a Paypal for my bank account/debit card on it. I got the email from both eBay and Paypal stating that the order went through and the payment was pending/accepted; plus, my online bank statement even shows that it was taken out. I went to check the status of the item today on my eBay (mind you I was using the same account) and it was nowhere to be found throughout my history, yet when I use the app which is signed in under the same ID that I signed in under on the computer and it shows up.

    Could this be a glitch or am I completely missing something? Is the application that much different than the actual website itself when it comes to purchasing items. I mean, the item is already being shipped but I would rather not waste all of my data plan on the iPhone on just the eBay application and would like to check it every so often that I can give the user feedback and what not.
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    Re: eBay Issue? Perhaps a Glitch?

    Hmm. I vaguely remember this happening to me. I think I just left it and it eventually appeared on my computer ebay. I'm not sure how I fixed it or why it happened, all I know is it resolved itself.

    Although I'm guessing it is just a glitch.


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