Hi there... I need help. This is actually not my real account, I am Spoock. The other day I was prompted to change my password. I did, and then I was logged out. I entered the new password and it would not log me in. I tried several times throughout the day to be certain that it wasn't working and it wasn't. I would just reset my password, but the email address the account was linked to no longer exists. I clicked the "Contact board administrator" button and sent an email, but no one answered. I don't even know if the address gets checked or if it's just there to send people their confirmation link. In any case, I made a second account so that I could PM a staff member, but the newly registered users can't PM I discovered. So can you please reset my password, if at all possible? I can give you information to verify my identity if you like, although I assume you can just check the IP. Then you can delete this account and whatnot. I apologize if you're not okay with me multi-accounting even for this reason. Thanks!

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