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    noob needs some advice please

    Hello D.Demon folks
    I've never tried doing any kind of animation before but now I'm really enjoying learning how all this works . I have been able to download Styks onto my laptop. I think this is a great starting point for me (a noob ) . So does anyone have some pointers for me and what other animation software can I download for free. Maybe some software that goes with Styke like backgrounds (I have no idea how to do a background but that would be great and some weapons or some full animation cartoon characters . Hope y'all can help me get start . I'm gonna try and post my first video sometime this week wish me luck and thanks

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    Re: noob needs some advice please

    ok, to start I recommend first learning about movements and things, ignore backgrounds and stuff for now, I really recommend pivot instead of stykz as well, it can load sprites and has a simpler interface.
    Just message me if you're still stuck

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